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Massage Etiquette: Ethics meets Good Manners


I have had my massage therapy office for quite some time now…

and from the very beginning, good manners and professionalism have been paramount to my business. I have often been asked by clients about particulars like dress code or how should they conduct themselves on their scheduled visits.

I am very proud of my profession, and one area which I feel, from a purely professional perspective, can make or break an otherwise excellent massage therapy practice is the ability to draw a line between right or wrong.Therapists must have the knowledge required to make clients and patients feel welcomed, respected, and at ease.

We are talking, of course, about the ethics and proper behaviors involved in my business as a massage therapist. I call it “Massage Etiquette”. It is very important to me because it gives me an edge professionally and gives my clients the comfort and confidence that they expect.

Ask Questions

I encourage my clients, and first visitors in particular, to ask me questions. If you do not know what to do in a certain situation, asking a question will help you out right away. Guessing can be stressful, and one of my main goals is to give everyone a relaxing time, where I am there to help you. Don’t be embarrassed to ask anything, because your comfort and trust are really important to any proud professional massage therapist.


Some people are very shy or self conscious. They wonder if they are going to be “exposed” at one moment or another, and that worry may prevent them from enjoying their therapy or even scheduling a massage session.

The reality is that towels are provided to wrap your torso, and sheets are used to make the experience relaxing while keeping boundaries intact.

Guide Your Therapist

There is nothing wrong with sharing your preferences with your therapist during the massage session! If you want us to concentrate on a particular area, or you want a softer touch, or you rather we not to treat a particular area, please speak up. Again, I am here to make your massage session an experience that balances your body and your mind. It does not matter how silly or trivial a request may seem at first; as a massage therapist, every small thing counts towards fulfilling my goal for my clients and that is improving your overall wellness. Most demands can be met as long as such requests are ethical and professional.