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 Eliminate Sciatic, Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain in Just ONE Treatment

With the winning combination of Active Isolated Stretching + Therapeutic Massage

(And regain your health and vitality!)

Does this sound like you?

You can’t sleep because you’re in too much pain. It even hurts to sit.

You take the prescribed medication the doctor gives you to help with your pain but it causes you to constipation, which causes you even more distress, not to mention some of the other side effects.
The next morning you get up slowly after a night of sleeping but you’re still in pain.

We have a solution.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) + Therapeutic Massage = Optimal Health & Well-Being.

A fast and effective way of reducing pain, preventing injury and improving athletic performance.

What is AIS?

Pioneered by Aaron Mattes over 40 years ago, AIS is a dynamic flexibility system derived from extensive research in kinesiology, the study of muscles and movement.  AIS takes into account each joint, its movements, and the muscles that create those movements.  It is the most in-depth stretching system currently in use in the world. takes your core and foundation into account.  

Mattes lectures internationally at sports medicine clinics, medical seminars, and massage therapy conventions. He provides continuing education to personal trainers, nurses, strength trainers, athletic trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists, coaches and athletes. Mattes serves as a consultant to sports clubs, high school, college and professional athletes and teams. He has rehabilitated thousands of subjects including famous politicians, entertainers, and hundreds of Olympic and professional athletes.

Mattes is co-author of two books: Pre-Condition, Re-Condition, Re-Habilitation (Shelton, Greninger and Mattes) and Nutrition Therapy for Massage and Physical Therapy Patients (E. Leslie Knight and Mattes). He is the sole author of a number of books on stretching including his 2000-word text Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method. Mattes is internationally recognized for his techniques in treating pain, spinal distortions, post-polio, parkinsonism, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, spinal cord problems and joint replacements.

(Source: Stretching USA)

7 Benefits of AIS + Therapeutic Massage:

Less pain
Better posture
Greater stamina, strength & power
Reduction in stress on the joints
Improved circulation
Improved physical endurance & athletic performance
Promotes faster recovery from injury
Greater sense of well-being

This is more than a service, it’s preventative care. It’s reclaiming your life!

So let’s here from some client’s who have experienced the benefits:

Outstanding Hal is an outstanding masseuse. He is highly skilled and knowledgeable about physiology, and gives a great therapeutic massage. I went for chronic back pain and Hal accommodated me the same day. That made a huge difference, as I felt so much better afterwards. Hal goes beyond simply providing a massage. He takes time to explain what and why he is working on certain areas of your body, and gave me stretch exercises to do at home. Thanks Hal, I feel so much better!

Lowell B.

Massage and stretch Hal is outstanding! He got my problem areas and areas I didn’t know I had issues with. He gives a great therapeutic massage and the next day I felt so much better! He takes the time to explain. Highly recommend Hal.

D. M.

Long Time Customer HMS provides the best sports massage and stretching service I’ve received bar none. I’m always disappointed when I get a massage while traveling for work. Hal removed back issues I had experienced since high school due to sports.

Michael B.

Stretch My doctor suggested that I get stretched and Hal took care of the concerns. I am very pleased with everything. This is better than so call Physical Therapy centers..

Sylvia M.


Still not convinced?

AIS also affects superficial and deep fascial layers by realigning collagen fibers and breaking up adhesions and scar tissue.  Since AIS is an active stretching work-out of major muscle groups, it does not require a warm-up phase and can be used to prepare for any exercise.

What can it help?

Well it’s ideal if you’re experiencing back, shoulder, neck, or sciatic pain. We all know how debilitating pain in either of these areas can be. 

So what are your waiting for?

Don’t delay, purchase your session today!

Clients may experience a 30 minute AIS session at no charge with the purchase of a regular price massage if they have not received AIS from HMM/ HST. They may book a 30 minute AIS session as a stand-alone service.

Who are we?

Houston Medical Massage has been dedicated to pain relief without drugs or surgery to citizens in the Houston area since 2008. In addition to providing all types of massage, we educate and empower you to take greater control of your health and wellness. Understanding the cause of the injury is crucial if you want to recover and remain injury free. Though we encourage you to make massage a regular part of your plan for wellness, you will never be pressured to book for more sessions than necessary to achieve your optimal result. 


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