Eliminate Sciatic, Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain in Just ONE Treatment

With the winning combination of

Active Isolated Stretching + Therapeutic Massage

Regain your health and vitality!

Do you have pain in any of these areas? 

And does this sound like you?

It hurts just to carry out your normal daily routine; sitting, turning your head, or even reaching for a cup of coffee...hurts.

You take your pain medication and the pain goes away, but now you're constipated or dealing with some other side effect.

Stop the pain medication, constipation goes, but the pain returns.


Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) + Therapeutic Massage

= Less Pain, Greater Range of Motion, Injury Prevention and Recovery

What is AIS?

Pioneered by Aaron Mattes over 40 years ago, AIS is a dynamic flexibility system derived from extensive research in kinesiology, the study of muscles and movement. AIS takes into account each joint, its movements, and the muscles that create those movements. It is the most in-depth stretching system currently in use in the world which takes your core and foundation into account.

Mattes is an international lecturer, co-author of two books, a kinesiotherapist, massage therapist and sports medicine advocate. He has spent his career rehabilitating thousands of subjects including famous politicians, entertainers, and hundreds of Olympic and professional athletes as well as helping others eliminate pain. He is internationally recognized for his techniques in treating pain, spinal distortions, post-polio, parkinsonism, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, spinal cord problems and joint replacements.

8 Benefits of 

AIS + Therapeutic 


This is more than a service, it's preventative care.

It's reclaiming your life!

So let's hear from some client's who have experienced the benefits:


I'm a regular weekly massage client of Hal's and have been for a couple of years. Since Hal has incorporated active isolated stretching into my therapy, my flexibility has increased, and I feel less prone to injury when I workout. My hip flexors are susceptible to being tight with any leg workout I do, and Hal's technique stretches them in ways I could never do on my own. 



I am on my 5th session with Hal for treatment of frozen shoulder. When I first came to see Hal my husband had to help me dress. At the first session Hal explain what his procedure is and what I should expect. Hal always adjusted the treatment so that is was tolerable. 5 visits later, I am able to dress myself as well as other things that I once took for granted. Hal is simply the Best.


Still not convinced?

AIS also affects superficial and deep fascial layers by realigning collagen fibers and breaking up adhesions and scar tissue. Since AIS is an active stretching work-out of major muscle groups, it does not require a warm-up phase and can be used to prepare for any exercise.

So what are you waiting for?

Don't delay, get 30 minutes of Active Isolated Stretching FREE with a massage purchase!

*Clients may experience a 30 minute AIS session at no charge with the purchase of a regular price massage if they have not received AIS from HMM/HST.


If you have questions or concerns about the options, please contact us.