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Deep Tissue Massage

This massage technique is designed to relieve tension in the connective tissue called fascia and the deep muscles of the body. Not to be confused with "deep pressure" , deep tissue starts with light pressure and progressively gets deeper bypassing the bodies proprioception system.
This massage technique is designed to relieve tension in the fascia and the deep muscles of the body.

Sports Massage

Trigger points and adhesions in the muscle inhibit the muscles ability to function at an optimal level. These painful conditions also take away the mental edge needed for competition.

Pain relief and improved athletic performance is my goal when I perform sports massage on an athelete.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage provides benefits that go beyond relaxation. Other benefits of Swedish massage are improved circulation and a reduction in blood levels of the stress hormone cortisol. High levels of cortisol are associated with higher blood pressure and increased belly fat.
Swedish massage provides benefits that go beyond relaxation.

Performance parties

Great for atheletes after a long run or ride preparing for that next atheletic event.

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Outcall Massages

Can't make it to Houston Massage office? Give Halamas Scarborough a call and he will setup a time of your conveniance.

Pre-natal Massage

It adresses the aches and pains (including pregnancy related sciatic pain) associated with physiological and psycological changes that occur during and after pregnancy. Houston Medical Massage has years of experience on massage therapy carefully designated especially for expectant mothers!


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  • 1    Hour (at Office) Massage $130

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  • 1.5 Hour (at Office) Massage $190

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  • 2    Hour (at Office) Massage $260

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  • 1    Hour Out call massage    $85

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  • 1.5 Hour Out call massage  $125

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  • 2    Hour Out call massage  $160

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